Turkish Medica, Your Turkish Healthcare Agency

 The center of MedicaTurkish is in Istanbul.  Our company is highly confident about our services with high management and experienced personnel. Our primary goal provide all our facilities with accessible, quality, modern and equipped with the latest technology for every individual.  We work with solution partners who are the best health institutions in their fields in Turkey.

  • The number of hospitals and health institutions receiving International Hospital / Clinical Accreditation by JCI (Joint Commission International) is high in Turkey.
  • The number of well-educated, foreign-speaking doctors in the health sector is high, depending on this, to be able to answer questions that may arise before and after medical tour operations.
  • Turkey is seen in the top 10 countries considered medical tourism destination in the world.
  • Performing the latest medical applications especially in Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology, Organ Transplantation, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Eye and Dental Treatment by specialist doctors.
  • The health institutions that provide services are equipped with world standards and modern technology in Turkey.
  • Turkey is a country which is more than the number of patients. Other countries are USA, Germany, Thailand and India.
  • Direct flight to 291 airports worldwide with THY also easy to reach with safe and comfortable highways.
  • There are high and consistent health standards.
  • English, German, Russian and Arabic languages provided 24/7 by the Ministry of Health; 112 in case of emergency, 184 in case of complaints.
  • A shorter waiting period in medical procedures than in Europe, America and many other countries.
  • Wider range of treatment options and stable price policies.
  • The possibility of making a holiday with treatment.
  • The first in Europe with over 1,500 thermal resources, the seventh in the world,
  • Locations of 190 hot springs in 46 countries throughout the country.
  • Local and regional centers of large international pharmaceutical company located in Turkey. For this reason, there is no problem in supplying medicine and medical supplies.