It includes the process of our guests who demand service can be transported from their country by means of transportation (airway, road, sea), reach the country where they will be treated,delivery of accommodation to the hotel, delivery to the health facility to be treated and return to the country at the end of treatmen.

In this process, our guests are taken by our staff from where they are and they are transported to the country where they will be treated with appropriate means of transport. Our guests will be accommodated to the hotel and to the health facility which will start the treatment by our staff.

Depending on the treatment process, our guests transportation between the health facility and the accommodation is provided by our staff.


We provide interpreting services our guests will need throughout the treatment process in the country that they will go to for treatment.

Translator services will be provided to solve our guests the foreign language problem while meeting the daily needs and their treatment process.



The accommodation requirement of our guests is provided by us when our guests are brought to the country where they will be treated.

Our guests need accommodation services before and during the treatment period. This need will be provided by us.